Our Supporters

Along with thousands of Australians who want to preserve recreational access and promote responsible recreation on our public lands, the following organizations support ARRA:

Tread Outdoors is ARRA's watchdog. It is the eyes and ears of the State and Federal Ministers who may have a direct influence over the key areas that affect our members rights.

The Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs is a national non-profit public association, which provides governance and insurance for its divisions, promoting clubs, groups and subsidiary branches, whether for education, social, sport or recreation. 

The Australian Motorcyclist Association a national non-profit public association, is the motorcycle recreation division of the AMA Clubs, which caters for all riders of registered motorcycles.

The Australian Motorist Association a national non-profit public association, is the automobile recreation division of the AMA Clubs, which caters for all drivers of registered automobiles.

NSW / ACT Trail Riders Association newly established and based in NSW, NATRA represents off-road riders at a NSW state level.

Recreational Trailbike Riders Association established in 2007, and based in WA, RTRA represents off-road riders at a WA state level. RTRA formed around four key objectives: 

  • To have safer, legal off-road riding opportunities for recreational trail bike riders of all ages.
  • To encourage responsible and safe riding attitudes, including minimising social and environmental damage and how this helps keep riding areas open. 
  • To actively pursue the needs of trail bike riders with State and Local Government, landowners and other stakeholders.
  • To improve the perception of trail bike riding as a recreational activity.

 RTRA key focus areas are:

  • Trails and riding areas
  • Advocacy
  • Education & awareness
  • Rider engagement and
  • Organisational sustainability

 Trailriderz based in Tasmania, Trailriderz was established in 2005 to organise and coordinate rides for families. Fast forward to today, over 3000 riders are engaged. The famous St Helens to Strahan 4 day event was also born out of Trailriderz.