Our Team


Andrew Healy

Andrew is NSW based, he has a passion and desire to put a national association together for recreational trail bike riding.
Spending the last 3 years researching and advocating for riders, Andrew's background includes leadership, strategic planning and risk management.
He is a self employed consultant specialising in WHS.


Greg Peterson

Greg is at ground zero in regard to liaising with riders.
Greg has extensive experience in the off-road motorcycling scene, organizing both recreational and racing events.
Greg promotes the Australian Hard Enduro Championship, the NSW Hard Enduro Championship, along with working with various clubs & councils throughout Australia for the betterment of the sport & riders.


Daryl Petch

Daryl has qualifications and is licensed in driving and riding instruction, workplace health & safety, training and assessment, high rise building and construction, and business. Over the years Daryl has developed many successful car and motorcycle clubs, including the only not for profit motorcycle training organisation and the only motorcycle focused charity in Australia. Daryl is responsible for developing the only successful alternative motorcycle sport and recreation body to exist in Australia and is the Executive Officer of the AMA clubs including the Association of Motorcycle and Automobile Clubs Ltd, the Australian Motor Association Ltd, the Australian Motorist Association Ltd and the Australian Motorcyclist Association Ltd. 


Don Martin

Don Martin is a racer and rider who is involved with the State Trails Reference Group (WA) and the State Offroad Vehicle Committee (WA) and Recreational Trailbike Riders Association of Western Australia (RTRA). 

RTRA has been formed around four key objectives:

  • To have safer, legal off-road riding opportunities for recreational trail bike riders of all ages.
  • To encourage responsible and safe riding attitudes, including minimising social and environmental damage and how this helps keep riding areas open. 
  • To actively pursue the needs of trail bike riders with State and Local Government, landowners and other stakeholders.
  • To improve the perception of trail bike riding as a recreational activity


Stuart Duisberg

Stuart Duisberg is a seasoned Motorcycle Event Organiser bringing together multiple disciplines and levels of riding to a single event. 
Stuart is himself a multiple discipline rider in ADV, Enduro, Hard Enduro and Supermoto.
Stuart is a Professional Photographer/Videographer & Social Media Manager with over 10 Years of commercial experience.

Kat Kingsley

Kat started dirt biking about 12 years ago and fell in love with the sport. Starting as a weekend warrior, Kat progressed to an enduro club about 5 years ago and has raced many events since.
She is very enthusiastic about growing the sport, realising how much it has helped her grow as a person, and appreciating the meaningful friendships made through the sport.
Kat's primary focus and vision is to encourage more females into the sport by developing their skills to build confidence.
Currently Kat is studying a master's of business degree, and volunteers as a off road motor cycle coach with the WA 'Moto Inclusion program', which provides a chance for kids with disabilities to ride a dirt bike.

Andrew Gray

Andrew formed Tasmania trail riders group in 2004 for families, and now has 3000 riders engaged. The group has a strong risk culture in place with 10 area coordinators to organise safe family trail rides. In doing so, a great deal of trust had been developed with land mangers, Police, and local government.
Andrew started the St Helens to Strahan 4 day event and its has become a world class event attracting 200 riders each year and contributing significant economic value to Tasmania.
Andrew has a construction recruitment and safety background.